Projects under development

Arandis Power 120MW HFO power plant

Natura Energy has developed the Arandis Power project in Namibia. This is a 120MW heavy fuel oil power station that will generate baseload power with 7x17MW Wärtsilä reciprocating engines generator sets.

A showcase project for Namibia, this USD 158 million fully funded Arandis Power plant can produce just over 20% of Namibia’s electricity requirement.

45.000m³ Bulk Fuel Storage

The Arandis Power station project will need to purchase between 100 and 200 thousand tonnes of 380cSt Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) per annum. Natura Energy is actively working to construct a multi-product petroleum fuel storage facility in Walvis Bay. This new facility should prove to be attractive also to third party fuel operators in Namibia.

TeraSun Energy 50MW power park

Natura Energy is developing a 50 MW solar photovoltaic Power Park at Arandis, Namibia to supply any transmission connected client in Namibia.

More info on TeraSun Energy Power

Rooftop Solar PV

Because we are power project developers and not solar panel installers, to commercial & industrial large power users, Natura Energy offers flexible customized solutions to allow clients to benefit from affordable solar power.

We offer customized commercial Electricity Supply Agreements where, with no capital investment from our qualifying clients, we offer long-term electricity at competitive tariffs. Applicable to rooftop and ground mounted solar PV systems.