Project Development

Natura Energy is sponsor, developer, owner and financier of
independent power generation and of selected infrastructure projects.

Thermal, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, Hybrid and Solar power projects from commercial rooftop solar to utility scale power plants.
Bulk fuel storage facilities and selected infrastructure projects.

We make power & infrastructure projects happen

Our know-how is in the effective understanding and efficient management of the multiple project variables necessary to achieve successful implementation. Natura Energy creates value by being the catalyst that brings together technical capabilities and client needs to build technically feasible and economically viable projects. We are an implementation force that makes power & infrastructure projects happen.

We develop partnerships. Natura Energy builds strategic alliances on a project-by-project basis, with blue-chip international technical solution providers and consultants, to ensure that project concepts are turned into operational realities.

We are solution driven. Natura Energy is not partial to any particular technology choice. We are completely open-minded and our goal is to find the most appropriate solution for every unique project context.